You will need
  • - the diploma of the psychologist;
  • - evidence on self-employment;
  • - room.
Opening his private psychological consultation can be the same way as any other business. However, consider whether it is not necessary at first to work in a school or social institution, to earn the necessary credibility. For a psychologist it is very important trust of the client. Find out in the Department of social protection, no need for that service in a rehabilitation centre or an institution for the homeless. With the appropriate diploma you can work as a permanent staff and temporary agreement.
Contact your local authority and get a certificate of self-employment. Autonomous and commercial institutions have the opportunity to enter into contracts for the provision of those services by individual entrepreneurs. Therefore, such testimony does not hurt you, even if you decide to temporarily work in a social institution. It is all the more necessary in order to open a private office.
Locate the room. It is possible to rent or buy. Very useful to find out whether your community office of the business incubator, and the conditions under which the budding entrepreneur can get there. You can find out, for example, in the Department of Economics local authority or the Fund of support of small and average business, if any. Condition, usually, is drafting the business plan. It will take some time, but you can get serious support in the form of preferential lease of convenient premises and discounted legal and accounting services.
If you are not in the business incubator, hire the premises and make repairs. Your future customers need to feel comfortable. Make sure that you had room for individual and group sessions. Paint walls in soothing colors, choose comfortable furniture.
Take care of advertising. Place ads in local media and on websites. Advertising in the media may be for you and free. For example, you can lead the heading "psychologist's Advice" in the newspaper or on the radio. Such materials improve the rating of the newspaper, so it is possible that you will be given the opportunity.
Open your Internet web page, enter your contacts. You can do a special form that your potential clients can ask a question and you give them an answer. This will give you the opportunity for a range of clients, which in the future will always use your services and will attract in the Cabinet of his friends.