You will need
  • - evidence of the bin;
  • - contract manufacturer of electronic digital signature;
  • - electronic media for EDS.
The development of electronic document management requires businesses and entrepreneurs and also the delivery of tax statements by means of electronic communications. For protection and reliability of the data requires the use of special encryption software and a special way to assure electronic document. Device developed for this purpose is called digital signature. Electronic digital signature is issued by special certifying centers and represents an information object that allows to verify the authenticity and security are signing their data. The validity of the EDS - 1 year, after this period the document has to be created once again.
In addition to the cryptographic data, the EDS must contain the necessary technical information and data on its owner, the date and time of signing of the document, include additional mechanisms to validate the signature. In addition, it is possible to add other data that may be required: graphic signature and comments to the document and additional files.
Depending on the type of the certified document, developed various types of electronic signatures: attached and detached. In the first case, the process is similar to placing a document in a sealed envelope, the authenticity of which can be determined during extraction. In this case, the file convenient to send, but without additional equipment intended for decryption, the document is read will fail. In cases when you use a detached signature, you need to create separate files and send them together. However, these documents can be read without the use of special cryptographic hardware, which is quite convenient.
Since EDS is an electronic document, accordingly, it has no appearance, but the complex of technical means of which it is composed, needs the media where you can store a private cryptographic key for her. As the storage medium can be diskette, CD-ROM or a special flash drive with a standard USB port for PC connection.
Some complexity for the user may be installing software prerequisites for encryption of data and certification document. In these cases come to the aid of our technical support specialists certification center, so when a contract for the manufacture of digital signature it is necessary to clarify this point.