Before you start creating paintings, you need to learn his name. Most people have a signature consists of the first three letters of the surname. So you just need to write these three letters on the sheet and carefully to see if you like.
If such an option is too simple or don't like, you can try to write in capital letters first name, patronymic and surname. Try to write them in different ways, for example, first initials then last name, and Vice versa. Look, which option is more like.
To add flavor to the painting, you can end one letter to start the second, and the end of second – beginning of third. This option is pretty interesting.
Another tough, but beautiful option is to write one letter to another. Especially easy to do if the signature is the letter "O", "E" or "C". It should be noted that mens signature should contain more clear and straight lines, and women can afford different monograms and hooks.
And of course, painting can be completed by some stroke of similar, for example, a cardiogram or something else (like go hand in).