You will need
  • - application to the balance holder;
  • - a statement to the court.
A statement on planned repairand should not be written. All the tenants of an apartment building shall be notified of the scheduled repair ofgovernmental activities in the entrance. If in addition to the entrance and basement space planning and will produce a partial replacement of pipes of hot and cold water supply, Sewerage, each entrance be obliged to put a notice on the exact time of the repair.
If you have any urgent need to conduct an unscheduled repair, contact the lessee with the statementof M. Specify the name of the supervisor of the management company the owner. If you don't know, you will be given detailed information in the housing Department.
In the center of the sheet write "Statement". Next detail. Specify name of the owner, home address, apartment number, what, when and why you should be replaced. For example, if your apartment is a leaky faucet, then you must troubleshoot on their own and at their own expense. If there were some problems with a hard cold, hot water supply, Sewerage, pipes or radiators, you have to eliminate all in a short time and expense of the lessee.
For Troubleshooting, the incident in the stairwell, the basement, to go with the statementm on behalf of all residents have a senior on the porch, selected at a General meeting by a vote of all owners.
Your statement should take a responsible representative of the owner, be registered in the logbook. So you have confirmation of that statement do you filed, you can send it by registered mail with the enclosure list or make two copies. On your copy get the signature and the date that your statement is accepted.
All controversial issues on the current fixationbetween the lessee and owners are resolved in court. If your statement is left without attention, write a collective statement to the arbitration court.