The first method is to use the standard personalization features of Windows. To do this, click the right mouse button on the desktop and in context menu select "Personalize". In the window that appears, select the left menu link "Screen" located at the bottom of the column. After moving to the next step of the setup screen, click in the same menu choose "settings screen". You move on the next step called "Setup screen". Opposite the drop-down menu "Resolution" will be displayed current display resolution.
The same Windows "Settings screen" accessible from the control panel in the system folder "My computer". This is the second method. The control panel can be invoked from "Start" in Windows Vista and Windows 7.It is enough to switch to small or large icons in control panel, choose the icon "Screen" and go to "settings screen" in the left menu.
The third way is to check the resolution of the screen is online via a special script. To do this you need a connection to the Internet. Follow the link below and your browser will automatically detect and display the resolution of the screen of your computer or laptop: