You will need
  • tape measure or ruler, a TV, a piece of paper and pen for calculations
To measure the diagonal of your TV, first of all you'll need tape measure or meter of sufficient length.
Stretch the tape measure from the upper right to the lower left corners of the screen (only the screen, the casing of the TV are not included). Ensure that the tapes have been well stretched over the entire length. If roulette no, take the thread, pull along the diagonal of the TV, cut or mark the other side. Now measure the length of the thread with a ruler.
Take a pen and paper and write down the resulting measurements result in centimeters.
Follow these simple calculations. Turn centimeters to inches. For this, note that one inch is equal to 2.54 centimeters. Consequently, the received and recorded in centimeters, the result must be divided by 2.54. Use a calculator if you have difficulties with the calculation.
If the length of the roulette/meter is insufficient to cover the entire diagonal, you can calculate the result separately for parties. To do this, measure the width and height of your screen.
Follow these simple calculations. Raise both numbers (the length and width of the screen in the square, and then fold them (e.g., you got numbers 3 and 2, then the squares of these numbers is 9 and 4 respectively, and the sum of the squares of -13, that is, 9+4). Use the functions of the calculator if you are afraid to make a mistake.
Now the resulting number should be converted into inches (i.e., divide by 2.54). Share.
The most simple variant to know the diagonal of your TV - see what is written on the body of the TV. But here we must be careful - very often the manufacturers do not indicate the diagonal of the screen, and the distance from the upper to the lower angle of the hull. You can also find this information in the passport of your home appliances, of course, if he survived. Typically, the diagonal size is printed on the cover.