You will need
  • connection to the Internet.
In order to determine the type of matrix monitor "by eye", and use some of the features that distinguish one species from another. Look at the monitor, not directly but at an angle. The matrix TN is characterized by the fact that when you look at the screen from the observed inversion of the colors of an image, change the contrast and so on.
Look at the device screen display from the side – if you see purple tint, most likely, before you the model of the monitor with a matrix type IPS, which a given color is a characteristic sign of the difference, while its absence often indicates the MVA\PVA matrix.
Aim at the screen of the monitor perpendicular to view, if you will be noticed that this angle of vision lost color tones of the image. Rather, in this case, you are looking at MVA\PVA matrix.
View perpendicular to the screen. If you notice a drop in image contrast, distortion of colors and shades (inversion), it's probably a TN.
For a precise definition of the types of matrices of a monitor, enter a query in a search engine the title you are interested in the model. Read reviews and technical characteristics of the device, also please visit the official website and review the information.
Please note that the information matrix of the monitor screen can be incorporated in the marking of his model, which is written either on the front side of the hull, or one of the service stickers on the back. The combination of the letters TN, MVA\PVA, TFT and so on in the name suggests that the build was used the type of matrix. Also do not trust the information on labels, as sellers too can make a mistake in specifying the type of matrix. Always read the specifications on the official website or packaging of the device.