You will need
  • - the initial idea about voice registers;
  • - the ability to sing chest voice and falsetto.
Those who engage in singing, know that the vocalist can perform work in different registers. They differ in the method of reproduction of sound and color. The main registers used by the majority of vocalists chest and head (falsetto). Experienced singer easily switches from one register to another and back. Just a masterful alternation of registers is the technique yodling. The famous Tyrolean yodeling is actually a quick change low register to falsetto. The jump from falsetto to chest register is a so-called "reverse" Jodl.
Before you can master yodeling, make sure that you have the required resources. First, you should be able to sing on a pedestal (chest voice), falsetto, and intone. In a nutshell, while singing in the chest register there is a vibration in the chest, while singing in the head register, the vibration is felt in the nose and frontal cavity.
To the question "how to learn to sing a yodel" there is only one answer – training. Before you try to reproduce Jodl, relax your throat, breathe freely. Take a short simple melody of few notes, and during the singing of each note try to go from chest to falsetto sound (or Vice versa). This transition must be smooth, otherwise it will not be yodeling. Find this "tipping point" when the voice abruptly switches from one register to another. You may find it easier to start, if you try to imitate a dog barking or howling wolf.
For the development of yodeling you can try the following exercise: start singing with low notes, gradually rising upward, and then abruptly jump from chest to falsetto sound. Do this exercise several times. Mastering yodeling, sing vowel sounds such as "a", "o", "u", for example, move with the sounds "a" and "o" to "u".
As training try to sing faster or slower to change the pace, alternating high and low notes; try to sing the syllables that begin with consonant sounds. Include recordings with examples of idling and try to sing along, copying the style of the artist. Let yourself go, sing loud. Sing Jodl quietly impossible, so make sure you won't be disturbed.