Spend time listening to jazz classics universally recognized, well-known abroad, and listen to the manner of performance of jazz vocalists. You will notice that jazz singing, unlike a simple pop singing requires the vocalist's strong voice and a wide operating range and excellent hearing, sense of rhythm and ability to improvise. In addition, the jazz are original sound production methods, which are not found in other styles, and they also need to master.
Every man by nature has a lot of potential, and therefore, even if your own voice seems weak, you can increase its strength and to develop it with the help of special exercises and proper breathing plays. Will pay enough attention to the correct formulation of breath – it is very important if you really want to learn to sing. Correct breathing performance, the ability to use the resources of his lungs – all this will give your voice strength and volume.
Learn to breathe individually, stomach, chest and diaphragm. During the singing, and exercises, try to breathe, giving the load on the muscles of the diaphragm and the press to take the pressure off the vocal cords and release your voice.
In addition to the ability to breathe jazz vocalist must be able to improvise. This ability is inseparable from the knowledge of music literacy and the availability of musical ear. Learning to improvise is not easy – for this you must train your ear for music, and also to constantly practice, improving the sense of rhythm, to feel the rhythmic and harmonic nuances of the music, joining them in their singing.
Strive to ensure that your voice is as free and agile, try to mimic the sound of different instruments, intone musical parties, to quickly start change of music. To learn such improvisation from scratch is almost impossible unless you study at home, so try to find a good teacher for jazz singing under the guidance of a competent teacher not only will you learn the technique of improvisation and improve your voice data, but also learn how to sing. Based on knowledge received from a teacher, you will be able to do yourself, but you will already know how to breathe correctly, and your voice will be supplied by the professional.
Don't forget in the learning process regularly to warm up – warm up in which you have to hit the notes played on the piano melody, the best way to improve your hearing and contribute to the proper voice training. Contrast to the usual singsong here is only that you repeat not the major and minor scale, and Blues scale.
You need to learn to feel the scale in parallel with the usual schemes that are used with regular singers. Start singing jazz with simple compositions that do not require high level skills and a wide vocal range. During the training, gradually increase the complexity of the performed compositions.