Explore your voice. The range of each speaker can be divided into two stages – speech and head. The speech ends with a falsetto range - the maximum available in this segment voice high notes. Within voice range to fulfill the vast majority of songs modern domestic variety. Head voice is not given by nature, and develops through a long vocal training. The developed head band is a sign of a real singer. Determine what notes your voice goes from falsetto head register. This allows you to differentiate the lower bound with which you will begin to storm the top of his vocal abilities.
Develop high range with transitional notes. The difficulty of the execution of the transition of notes is that the ligaments are stretched abruptly at the transition area for the execution of high notes. There is an effect of "jumping" from one note to another. To completely avoid this jump is impossible, since this feature of the physiological structure of the vocal apparatus. But when the singer begins to develop the upper range in these, more difficult sections, the transitions are smoothed out and become inaudible to the listener.
Sing the smile, the higher the note, the wider the smile. In the performance of high notes the importance given to the position of the lips. The position of the lips on the smile contributes to a small stretching of the walls of the larynx, making it easier to take a high note.