You will need
  • a Canary bird, a teacher, an audio recording with a song, shade of blue or green
The ability to sing beautifully, the Canaries inherited. So, if you want to own a feathered Pavarotti, study, pedigree and purchase only birds from tested songstress. However, heredity is not enough to ability your future develop properly, he needs training. After all, in nature birds learn to sing by imitating each other.
For pet Canaries need to buy the teacher. This can be as a more experienced Canary and other birds, singing which you want to teach young talent. Will fit finches, Tits, warblers and linnets. The cage with the teacher set in front of the cage with your bird so that the student was seen. Teaching singing must be conducted in a separate room, where is the best place to organize a blue or green shade.
Singing lessons is best done in the morning, and the duration should not exceed 45 minutes. On the day of these lessons should be at least three or four. Only in this case your feathered Pavarotti will be able to absorb all the wisdom of skillful singing and master the skill quite quickly. By the way, if you do not have at hand a suitable bird for training, for this purpose it is possible to use high-quality audio recording. The rules here remain the same – duration (45 minutes away) and regular repetition.