You will need
  • - literature written in Church Slavonic (Psalm, New Testament, prayer book)
  • note songs that are performed by your Church choir
  • - musical instrument
  • - computer
  • - the recorder
Learn how to read fluently in Church Slavonic language: the house each day, read the prayer book and other books written in that language to practice understanding and pronunciation of the words.
To correctly sing in the Church choir, learn solfege and musical notation. Enroll in a circle or course of Church singing, if the singing lessons at school in memory a little that remains. It will help in the development of the relationship between hearing and voice.
Ask in the diocese or parish priest, in which churches there are circles. If not, contact the Regent of the Amateur choir, perhaps after listening to you, he will allow you to sing in the choir. Note that at first you will only sing litanies "Lord have mercy". Try to sing quietly and listen to the sound of the whole choir.
Do not attempt to study osmoglasie independently, because in each Church of their tunes are slightly different. It is advisable to learn the melody of the temple, where you intend to carry religious obedience.
Stand in the choir next to the most experienced chorister and watch him sing to learn his own party, repeat it after him. It is desirable that the singing right in your ear. This will help you better understand the basic moves of the party and to understand its logic. In the future you will be able to sing more consciously and confidently. Hone the accuracy of hitting the notes when working with the choir, pronunciation, sound direction, volume, and breath.
Make music at home on your own. Take the Regent of the notes and with the help of a musical instrument learn how to play Church hymns. Sing them to the accompaniment of the instrument, calling the notes instead of syllables. Follow the duration of the notes. When learning to play a game (soprano) on synthesizer, and the other (for example, Alta) to sing.
If there is no tool, take advantage of other benefits of civilization. Record on tape the party or the overall sound of the choir. Home listen to and sing several times, if necessary, correcting errors. Download online learning program notes, and use it. Then you can go to sight read.
Consult an experienced teacher with a request for individual classes. He sees all the flaws and tell you what direction still needs work.