You will need
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - handle.
To start think over the strategy. Specify your definitely valid, the reason for the absence in the workplace so that the leadership did not have the slightest suspicion of insincerity or lack of serious grounds for passing working day. This will be the most important part of the note. Since it is an explanatory document-the basis for making a decision on the imposition of disciplinary action.
Take a sheet of paper and make an explanatory note in writing, since there is no unified model for such a document. In the top right of the sheet write the details of the recipient, starting with the name of the enterprise. This note is always written to the head. Most often it will be the beginning of "Director". Next, write the last name and initials. Here enter a business unit whose employee you are (branch, division etc.). And, of course, their own name, name and patronymic.

Now, put the date of the explanatory and the center of the page place the title of the document "an Explanatory Memorandum".
In the substantive part of the note specify the event (no in the workplace such number), which became the basis for drafting of the document. Describe the circumstances that have developed in such a way that you were forced to miss a day of work. Fail summary, stating briefly the reason for your forced absence. Sign and indicate next to the signature (surname and initials).