To prove that your injury is not an accident in the workplace, and is domestic in nature, the accounting Department shall provide to the SIF, together with a certificate for incapacity for work and your explanation, where you have to describe how were received your injury.
The basis for such claims is Federal law No. 255-FZ, regulating the provision of benefits for temporary disability and for pregnancy and childbirth of the citizens who are subject to compulsory health insurance. Based on your explanatory Commission established at the enterprise according to the "Standard regulations on the Commission (authorized) on social insurance", approved FSS 15.07.1994 No. 556а, make an act of confirming that the injured consumer and provide it to the SIF, together with all the documents.
An explanatory note is necessary because, according to the Federal law №255, the benefit is not paid to those citizens who have caused harm to themselves deliberately in a suicide attempt or as a result of wilful misconduct (crimes). Legally, your explanatory is a document confirming the absence of the abovementioned reasons for non-payment of allowances.
Explanatory addressed to the chief accountant of the enterprise on a standard sheet of paper of A4 format. In the upper right corner indicate the position, surname and initials of the chief accountant, give the full name of the company. Also indicate your position, your surname and initials. Under this inscription, in the middle of the sheet, write a capitalized word "Explanatory".
The form of presentation of the basic text of the explanatory random, but it clearly needs to be reflected all the circumstances accompanying the receipt of your injury. Specify where, when and what time it happened, and how. If there are witnesses, then refer to them.
In the last paragraph, specify what medical institution you have applied after the injury, the name of the medical organization in which you were given sick leave and the period of treatment specified in it.
Specify that the Annex to the explanatory is the original sick list. Explanatory sign, indicating his position and the decryption of the signature, be sure to specify the date.