You will need
  • A sheet of A4 paper, documents, employee, company documents, pen, supporting documents, if any.
In the upper left corner, write the name of the structural unit of the enterprise, where you are registered, in accordance with the staffing.
In the upper right corner enter the name of the entity in accordance with constituent documents or a surname, name, patronymic of a physical person, if the legal form of the company is a sole proprietorship. Surname, initials of the first person of the firm, the title of the post in accordance with the staffing in the dative case.
In the left side of the sheet under the name of structural division enter the name of the document in capital letters. Then specify the date of writing explanatory notes. Write the topic of the document. For example, about the absence or tardiness.
In the table of contents explanatory notes enter your surname, name, patronymic in accordance with the identity document, the name of your job title in accordance with staffing table, the name of the structural unit. For example: "I, Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich, an accountant in the payroll division of accounting".
Then specify for what reason you were absent from work or late for work. For example: "Late 15.11.2011 two hours in connection with vehicle damage and further repair". It is necessary to consider that the reason must be valid.
Write an explanatory note, do you have documents proving the reason for the absence of your workplace or tardiness at a specific time. If such documents are not write that they were not available. If the document you have on hand, please provide the name and attach an explanatory note. If you have witnesses who can attest to this cause, please write their names and positions, if they work for the same company.
Write the name of your job title, surname, initials, put a personal signature on an explanatory note.