On the day of absence should make a report on violation of employment discipline. In the act of violation include the following information:
- place and date of execution;
- title, surname and initials of the drafter of the act, his signature;
- position, surname and initials of at least two witnesses truancy, their signatures;
- a text description of the violation;
- the literal introductory explanation of the offender;
- the signature of the offender (if he refuses to sign the act, put a special mark).
Take the offender an explanatory note about the reasons for truancy. If the employee refuses to give explanations in writing, make the act of refusal, or reflect this fact in the act of violation. For making the act attract at least two witnesses.
Write a memo to the Director of the company on violation of labor discipline, attaching all the necessary documents: the statement of violation with the signatures of the originator, witnesses and the offender, a letter of explanation.
Prepare the draft order on application to employee sanctions: comments or reprimand. The draft order is signed by the head of the organization or the person authorised by the special documents – articles of Association, power of attorney, orders.
Register the order in the order book of the organization, giving it the number and date of compilation.
Within three days of the offender become familiar with the contents of the order for the recovery. If the employee does not agree to sign the review, similar to the act of refusal from giving explanations make the act of refusal of the signature. In the act, specify the positions and names of two witnesses of the refusal.