Grounds for dismissal can be a one-time absence from work for four hours. However, this absence must be continuous. If your working place has been vacant for two or three hours, absenteeismω is not considered.
Keep in mind that identified truancy must be reported on the day when it was committed or, in case of failure, the next day. Backdating issue truancy impossible. If you are threatened, remembering the misconduct of two weeks ago, ignore – documented this issue cannot, therefore, grounds for dismissal , no.
If your absence was noticed, he fact must be confirmed by a corresponding act, certified by your signature or the signatures of two witnesses. You must demand a letter of explanation outlining the reasons for absenteeism. In the absence of these papers to prove the fact of absenteeismand impossible.
Sometimes, wanting to get rid of an employee, the supervisor hinted to him, if he does not leave voluntarily, he would be fired for absenteeism. Theoretically, to organize the situation absenteeismand easy. For example, an employee can send an oral instruction to take the documents to a branch office, send a certified letter or buy something for the office. Upon returning he faces willing the act of violation of labor discipline.Not to be in such a situation, do not agree to comply with the requests made orally. Ask for the order or, in extreme cases, a note from the supervisor with his signature. If necessary, this will be your excuse.
If you want to fire, try to behave prudently. Try not to be late – being late is not considered a gross violation of labor discipline, however, if each of them will be drafted the act and issued an order of reprimand, you can be fired after the second delay.
To protect themselves from unfair dismissal , you can use third-party instances. After hearing from the head of words "and then fired according to the article" write an application to the labor Inspectorate, where we will state that you constantly have a moral pressure, threatening to dismiss, and ask them to check. If your company lacks a system of accounting of working time, be sure to mention this.
Inform the head of about taken measures. Usually the legal competence of the employee what the boss. And, after consulting with a lawyer or the head of HR, your supervisor will realize that the truth is on your side. And if you do you will not violate the business discipline you will be safe.