Make a detailed business plan for the future of the enterprise. Include the following sections: description of the object, marketing plan, technical-economic data of equipment the financial plan, risk assessment, feasibility study, implementation stages of the project.
Rate the relevance of the services that you offer in your city. Typically, these services are treated as individuals and public organizations. Your customers can become large plants, real estate agencies and many other companies that need high-quality copying of documents, creation of informational materials.
Pick the appropriate equipment for the copy center. Keep in mind that you will have in a short time to fulfill orders associated with copying and document reproduction, printing on a variety of surfaces. Therefore, one copy device you can not do. You will need a black-and-white copier, color copier printer, scanners, laminators, paper cutting machine, computer. Some types of equipment in the first stage of business development can be rented.
Determine the location of your future center. It should provide access to your services to a wide number of customers. One of the accommodation options of the company – a large businesscenter, where copy services are almost always in demand. It is a good idea if the center will be located close to public institutions, where the population provides copies of various documents.
Provide the copy centere the ability to trade in certain types of stationery that may be of interest to potential clients: stationery, notebooks, pens, pencils and so on.
Calculate and plan the costs of organizing the copy centerand maintain its activities in the first stage, until he starts to generate a steady profit. Think in advance of possible external investment, for example, to open a credit line at the Bank or receive government subsidies for the individual entrepreneur.