Advice 1: How to sell office supplies

Sale of stationery — a profitable and promising business. But among firms of this direction is highly competitive, and to win the "battle" for the client you must become a true professional in the business.
How to sell office supplies
Organizing the sale of stationery, keep in mind the specifics of this product. First, because of the small size of most stationery buyer, who came for the first time, it is extremely difficult to find the necessary goods. So you have to speed up and facilitate this process. Place on the shelves of large, colorful sign with a relevant graphic images of various kinds of stationery. So visitors will be much easier to navigate.
Secondly, position your products so that it was convenient to consider and to take. Large and the same type of goods (packing file covers for notebooks, printer paper, etc.) that do not need to carefully consider and to study their functional properties, put down. And small items (pencils, pens, erasers, scissors, etc.), the quality of which needs to be tested, put on the middle and top shelf.
Purchasing office supplies, the buyer pays attention not primarily on the appearance of the product and its functional properties. Therefore, for successful trading provide people an opportunity to get acquainted with the products. If you work in a store, place a paper sticker next to the counter, where are writing implements. Then each buyer will be able to test any pen or pencil and ensure that the selected model writes.
Place the stickers near the rack with staples. This will not only help to create a comfortable environment for the buyer, but also will significantly reduce the number of complaints about the quality of the product. The fact is that due to the specific chemical properties of the correctors, made in the form of handles, often set before the use. This complicates the extrusion means through a narrow aperture, so the corrector is not working. If you provide customers the opportunity to try out selected goods, and they find a copy with a defect, they will simply choose another.

Advice 2: What are the stationery required for the first grader

Every year on the first day of autumn the lives of hundreds of thousands of children changes completely. Psychologists claim that this event in its importance exceeds many other for humans. The child perceives the purchase of all necessary supplies for the school as an exciting game. High quality, bright and functional stationery will help first graders it is easier to enter into a new life.
What are the stationery required for the first grader

First graders need a few notebooks in line and the cage, by 12 and 18 leaves. In school you will need to know what range you will need, oblique or normal. Try to choose bright and beautiful cover, listen to the pleas of your child on this score. The younger boy will be more interesting to write in a beautiful notebook.

A first grader cannot do without a sketch pad. For variety, you can buy two fine album, but it is advisable to acquire one with a large number of sheets. To "store images" not hesitated, buy special folder, it should also be bright and beautiful. Can album to replace a set of clean sheets of A4.

Buy everything you need for drawing. The first grade student will need a set of brushes of different sizes, a glass for water, a palette, crayons, pencils, markers, pastels and paint.

Need colored and white cardboard and paper for class work. Open the package and look at the surface of the sheets, it should be slightly rough to better stick together. Glossy paper is only suitable for crafts that do not need to handle glue.

Responsibly approach the choice of scissors. They must have a good cutting surface, so that the child had not experienced difficulties at work. Blunt scissors can cause damage to the material, but first graders need a variant with rounded ends to protect yourself from injury.

In first class you need a quality adhesive. There are options of several types: a tube of liquid and a pencil. The pencil easier to use and it can not accidentally spill, but standard PVA glues is better and safer.

You can not do without covers for notebooks and textbooks, stand, eraser, sharpeners, rulers and pens. Check the serviceability and reliability of all of these items in the store.

The lessons of creativity can be useful items such as oilcloth, plates for sculpting, special sleeves and apron. Do not do without the clay, but select a package with a modern material, which leaves the child's hands clean.

A very important subject for a first grader is a pencil case. It needs to be big enough, reliable and easy to close.

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