Participate in the tender (takes about 6 months) the Russian Committee for supervision of communicationsYu for a license. The winner of the contest gets the right to use a specific range of radio frequencies within a standard range. The license allows to use this range or on the entire territory of Russia or in a separately taken region by decision of the Ministry of communications and mass communications.
If you won the bid, send the Main radio frequency center of the plan, which specify the location of the base stations and which frequency of the selected range, they will use. The center will begin a lengthy examination of the compatibility of electromagnetic waves. After about 4.5 months you will receive a plan, as agreed in the RF center. If the plan is not approved, then make a new one. Then the approval procedure will start again.
Coherent radio center plan put for approval to the Supervisory Committee communicationYu. After four months get the frequency-territorial plan of the location of their base stations.
Agree with Stroytekhnadzor specific place of installation of towers, support pillars and other small structures. Begin construction of the radio tower. Capital construction of the towers involves its designing, examination, delivery of the object to obtain permission to use it. Register the rig as a property. Or, enclose the lease of the roof of any building to install the antenna.
Bring the object to the regional office oversight of communicationYu. Now your network to join the communication network of General use. Give a name to the network. Develop a package of rendered paid and free services. Set tariffs for the provision of cellular services.
Start searching for their regular customers. Give advertising in mass media.