You will need
  • Computer
  • Camera
  • Ideas
  • The desire to succeed
To create your Studio and start working on a first draft, find the budget. Importantly, during the shooting of his first film does not exceed it, and the best way to save some money. One of the ways to do that is to shoot where costs are less (such as room rental for filming and the cost of the time artists).
Try to find beginners, but a budding film Director, cameraman, prop master, actors, etc. Should look for them in specialized institutions, non-profit film festivals, etc. Maybe you'll even find a Director with a project, and he will need help with the distribution of his movie. This work will be a good start for creation of Studio.
If you want to create a Studiothat will develop quickly, the key to success is finding an experienced producer. It will help to find a good, potentially profitable projects and to attract funding. A good producer knows how to get a good deal in almost all areas of filmmaking.
Try to collaborate with major studios. They are often looking for smaller companies to find new names, new breakthroughs.
Distribute your projects online. Even sites like YouTube can help with the distribution. Try to run viral videos-teasers, attracting a large audience's attention to the activities of your Studio. So you will be able to gradually work with traditional distribution channels (TV, cinema, etc.).