You will need
  • - transport;
  • - room.
Find the channels of distribution paper. To start this business it is necessary from this stage, as you must imagine where and in what volumes you can sell the collected materials. This can be a factory for the production of paper or factories that manufacture the roofing material or plaster building materials. Discuss with potential buyers the price: it you will start counting your basic expenses.
Purchase trucks. The first time you can do only one car, with which you will go around certain places, where you will already have collected waste paper. It is advisable to choose a transport with a closed box.
Find a room for the reception and storage of waste paper. This can be any economic unit, or even a garage. About possible, choose a room with heating and electricity. Place the scale. To legally conduct business, you need the permission of fire protection.
Determine the price per 1 kg of the received material. Keep in mind that it is unlikely that the payment of potential customers is too high. That is why bet on the social importance of your work, and focus on the poor. Hang ads in the nearby area and give free ads in the newspaper to inform the public about the opening of your paragraph.
Try to organize the reception of waste paper from the public at no charge. To make it much easier than it seems at first glance. Many organizations will be happy, if you'll just take them waste paper on a regular basis. In addition, you can find volunteers among students or to organize share environmental focus in several educational institutions. As a bonus, distribute thank-you letters and small prizes.