Square pillow on the sofa

A filler of this pillow will serve as a batting M300. It is usually found in shops with fabrics. You will need to cut out the squares. This embroidery cushion is well suited to those who already have beautiful pillow cases, which do not want to take.

The first two squares make this what you want to see the finished product. Then turn down on each side of the square a couple of inches and cut two blanks. In this way, each time subtracting 2 cm, do the amount of filler required to give the desired volume for your pillow.

Put the prepared filler on two identical pyramids. Then flip one pyramid to another, docked their tips. Cleave along the perimeter of the pins and sew by hand or on a typewriter.

Make a removable cushion cover. Vykroyte two squares the size of the finished product from x/cotton fabric and thin batting. Make a raise on the seams. Fold the fabric and batting, stitch them small diamonds or squares. Then two of the resulting workpiece overlap on each other so that the cotton fabric was on the inside, and stitch around the perimeter, leaving one side not affected. Remove the cover and insert the sewn squares of batting. Case sew a neat seam.
Instead of padding the received case can be synthetic stuffing or hollofayber.

Make a pillowcase. It needs to be removable, so that at any moment it can be replaced or washed. Take two parts of suitable fabric. Pick up the zipper and undo it. Sew it first to one side of the square, then stitch to the other side, all the pre-PrimeTV. Then sew the three sides and turn out the finished pillowcase.

You can decorate it however you desire. For example, if the fabric was plain, embroider on it the stem of the flower green thick thread. On the bright piece of felt, draw a circle, and in it a spiral. Cut out the spiral with scissors. Sew large stitches the inner part of the spiral on the edge and collect on the Assembly. You got a lush flower. Sew it to Visicom stem.
To cut a spiral you can use a special knife, which leaves a wavy surface.

Sofa cushion under the neck

Sew a pillow shaped candies. It is convenient to use under the neck, sitting on the couch. Roll to roll pieces of foam and stitch them manually on the long side. Measure the shaft diameter and length.

Put these sizes on textured fabrics for pillowcases and cut out the rectangle, making a raise on the seams on each side and 2 cm From a fabric of another, but of the right color, take the two strips. Their length is equal to the diameter of the roller, and the width of its radius. Make one side of these strips increase 6 cm, and on the other side 2 see

Fold the strips of fabric from the large gain so that the inside can be inserted the cord. Sew the prepared strips to a large rectangle, fold the resulting design in half on the long side and prostrochite on a typewriter. Remove the outside. You now have a pillowcase.

Pull it down over a foam roller. Insert the cords on both sides in the ACC and tighten them. The pillow is similar to a candy bar ready.