Of course, you can buy a ready-made veil and not to suffer with the sewing, but the thing made with your own hands, it's much easier, because you need to sew on individual dimensions, this means that the case will not be too large or too small, as is the case with ready-made things.

The easiest cover on the sofa is the usual rectangular shawl made of thick fabric. Perfectly located, for example, of furniture tapestry, it has been proved by many years of using this fabric for upholstery and sewing covers for her.

Another option is couch. Her pattern, as can be seen, is extremely simple – you need to carve out a large rectangle and two small ones (in the diagram, the dark grey rectangle and the two light grey).

Как сшить чехол на диван

Calculation of dimensions of parts of the pattern must be made individually, depending on the dimensions of the sofa:

1. Dark gray rectangle should have a width equal to the width of the seat of the sofa and 4-6 cm on the binder edge, length equal to AB + BC + CD (AB is the height of the back + thickness + 30 cm + 2 cm for the binder, BC is the width of the seat, and CD is the thickness of the seat + from 10 to 30 cm + 2 cm for the binder).

2. Two light gray rectangle, the size of each segment on the BC CE, where CE is equal to the height of the handle + handle thickness + about 40 cm + 2 cm for the binder, BC is the seat width + 2 cm for the binder on each side.

The process of sewing easy – filed every detail and stitch the rectangles according to the pattern.

If you wish, make your little things like a remote control, a program guide. Pockets cut on the individual sizes, but not less than 20 by 30 cm each, sewn on a Cape on the sides.