You will need
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
Before sewing the cushion cover on the sofa, you need to determine the amount of fabric for them. The easiest way to find the area of fabric required to sew the so-called rough cases of unnecessary fabric. You can use old sheets or plain cotton fabric. Next you need to cut out the required details directly on the sofa, applying the fabric to the cushions and the sides of the sofa.
Then cut the parts needed to sweep manually right on the couch, adjusting their size by trimming unnecessary. Trim parts is always easier than to take out, so you need to be very careful when fitting and carefully to fathom all the challenging places.
After the draft covers are ready, they need to carefully unpick. This way you will be ready patterns covers for your sofa.
Then you need to choose a fabric for slipcovers "clean copy". For cushion covers it is better to use a dense, not too stretchy fabric. If you have Pets, choose a fabric with a texture to the wool it is not sticking.
After the covers are cut, they need to sew on the machine. If the plan covers often, you need to consider the clasp. You can sew the zipper, and you can make cushion cover with buttons or ties.