You will need
  • -sturgeon
  • -a big knife with a thick blade
  • wide cutting Board
  • -colander
  • -boiling water
Rinse the fish, place on a large wooden Board. First remove the head. This is necessary under the pectoral fins make the cut on the bias to the head and cut through the cartilage. The pectoral fins are located almost near the head.
From the head to remove the eyes, cut the gills. Rinse your head. You need to use it within the hour, or just to clean out the freezer. The gills should be discarded.
Remove from the abdomen and sides of the carcass of a large stiff scales. Need to clean off from the tail to the head. Then, release the back sterlet from the sharp "thorns", they are also called bugs. The knife blade direct from ourselves and do not handle bugs with his hands.
Cut the belly from tail to head. Gut the fish, remove the innards.
Make a careful incision on the tail to the spine about an inch from the fin. Completely do not need to cut. Slowly rotate the tail around its axis and twist the vesiga, lace, located near the vertebral column. This is the most important part of the butchering sterlet. The vesiga need to remove the entire. If it broke, make an incision above and remove the rest with a thick needle. Cut off the tail is put to his head.
Clean the fish from the skin. To do this, take a knife when cleaning the potatoes, grab the skin at the tail and haul it in. It can be removed just like a cover. If you have any difficulty when removing the skin, scald the fish in boiling water.
Put the fish in front of him back up and cut perpendicular to its length to the links with a thickness of 1,5-2 cm, starting from the head.
Put the pieces in a colander and pour over boiling water. This is necessary in order to maintain the shape during further heat treatment. Scalding helps to prevent clots of protein levels on fish.
From pre-cut parts sterlet you can cook a wonderful soup, casseroles, roast, bake or smoke. For soups best suited head, fins and tail.