You will need
    • Sturgeon
    • White wine
    • Onion
    • Tomato
    • Butter
    • Pasta
    • Cheese grated
    • Ketchup hot
    • Salt
    • Lemon
In the beginning you need to prepare sturgeon cooking. If the fish was purchased frozen, thaw gradually and preferably on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. If the fish is fresh, then proceed to the next step.
Before dissection sturgeon must be washed with hot water. Then clears scales, fish fillets neatly gutted and washed. Then you need to remove from fish vasiga (so-called spinal chord of the sturgeon and salmonids)with a needle or fork. After that, the fish once again scalded with boiling water, remove the remaining scales, sturgeon washed in cold water. Fish cleaned and ready for further manipulations.
Then sturgeon should be cut into portions (skin it is advisable to remove) and pripustit in a small amount of water and wine. There also pour the finely chopped onion together and stew during 20 minutes.
Then finely cut tomato, fry in a tablespoon of butter and add it to the sturgeon. Along with the tomato propuskanii continues for another 15 minutes.
While sturgeon stewed with tomato, you need to cook the pasta in plenty of salted water. Then drain them in a colander, then heat the remaining butter and sprinkle cheese on top.
The final stage of food - making. Sturgeon is laid out on dish, poured the broth-sauce in which it was proposals. Pasta is created on the edges in the form of a ring, decorated with ketchup and slices of lemon.