Advice 1: How to breed sturgeon

The sturgeon – fish of the sturgeon family. From other representatives of this genus it is distinguished by its size, a narrow nose, long fringe tendrils, reaching the mouth of a two-part lower lip and a contact side michikami. Color of back dark gray or gray-brown, belly white. Usual weight and length of commercial sterlet 0.5-2 kg and 30-65 cm, rarely 3-4 kg and 80-90 cm. of the Marginal life expectancy is 26-27 years.
How to breed sturgeon
If in your garden there is a pond, then it is necessary to carefully clean and put in order. For lack of it, you can dig up. Size and depth will depend on you. For breeding sturgeon of suitable and conventional pool.
For the convenience of cultivation of fish, use special cages. We must not forget that starlet refers to atkritumu fish and during the period of open water comes to the surface for ingestion of required amounts of air. It is best to plant it in open cages.
Fill the reservoir of groundwater or rainwater. The oxygen content should be below 5-6 mg/l, and the optimum temperature of 20-22 °C. Periodically, the water must be changed, this procedure should be carried out within twenty five days.
Buy grown fry. Must be purchased between may to September. This is best done in special farms involved in breeding of these fish. Such fry will be most resistant to various types of human intervention into their lives and less stressed.
Young Ostrikov recommended several times a day to feed Daphnia, larvae of various insects, small crustaceans, and then sinks. Crustaceans constitute the main food and adult sturgeon. Follow the amount of feed it should not be too much.
When transferring fish to the wintering place of residence it will take a few days to soaking in five percent salt water. This is necessary in order to destroy all parasites that can along with the fish to get into the wintering pond.
In winter, at low temperatures the fish falls asleep. It should provide a state of complete relaxation, as if she is awake, you will begin to spend hand and quickly lose weight.

Advice 2 : Sturgeon fish: breeding

Russia has always been famous for its sturgeon. In field respect, sturgeons are very valuable as they provide delicious meat, a lot of expensive caviar. Used their bladders and spinal string.
Sturgeon fish: breeding

How to breed sturgeon. Equipment

For breeding of sturgeons need to prepare a special container and equipment. At the initial stage of cultivation you can use a regular plastic pool a meter deep and with a diameter of 1.5-2.5 meters. This capacity should be fitted to compressor, pump and filter to provide aeration, purification and filtration.

Quality equipment will allow to do without special employees, which in turn will help save money. If your budget allows, you can buy an automatic feeder to save time.

Equipment should not operate on their limits, it will reduce the lifetime. Before buying a compressor and pump need to know how much they can handle, it is better to take with some reserve capacity. To save money, the pool can be made of quality plastic. For the first time has enough capacity.

How to breed sturgeon. Fry and food

When the place for fish and all the equipment is ready, you need to buy 5 grams of fry from the large fish farms specializing in the breeding of sturgeon. To fry at home is almost impossible. This is the most important part of breeding, which can not save. From health purchased fingerlings depends on the growth rate and taste of fish.

Sturgeon feel most comfortable and good eats at a temperature of 20-24 degrees. Fish, sturgeon family is fed from the bottom and find food through sense of smell, consequently, food must smell good and sink in water. The food should be very nutritious and contain: 50% crude protein, 25% crude fat, 3% fiber and a quantity of lysine and phosphorus. It is best to buy food that is specifically designed for sturgeon, and not try to make it yourself.

Sturgeon fry develop in different ways, some of them after six months may be weighing in a pound and the other will gain the weight soon after 7.5-8 months. The most valuable are specimens weighing from pounds and more. To sturgeon grow faster, you need to regularly clean the tank from the bottom sediments, to check the status and adequacy of water volume.

If things are going well and the fish breeds you must use the pools for breeding. It should be noted that contain fish and in the greenhouse, while maintaining the required temperature.
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