You will need
  • -statement
  • -passport
  • -employment history
  • order
  • -additional agreement (labor contract, depending on the design)
  • - new duties
There are several options for processing employee working part-time at main place of work. You can do the documentation through preparation of additional agreements to labour contract on part-time basis. Or issue of dismissals and new employment or by transfer to a permanent place of work.
To place workers on the main job by drawing up a supplementary agreement must make an additional agreement to the contract on part-time basis. The employee must write a statement of conversion to a permanent job, to resign from the previous employer and bring work book to the organization where he worked part-time.
The employer acquaints the employee with the order, both parties sign the additional agreement. Employee familiar with the duties at the main place of work, and an entry in the work book. Will not lose any paid annual leave and the period for the payment of incentives and rewards.
Clearance occurs by dismissal at the request of the employee or by agreement of the parties. The employee writes a resignation letter and the statement of work. Additionally, he resigns from the previous employer, which worked on the main job. Employment happens in accordance with the generally accepted rules. Issued a permanent contract, order, job. All the documents are signed by both parties. In this situation, the bad thing is that the employee loses the right to annual leave and the leave is transferred in accordance with the rules that apply when making a new employment. The employer is obliged to pay compensation for unused leave for work as part-time.
When making a transfer to the main work , the employer issues the order on transfer of an employee on permanent work. The order States that the order of combination is considered invalid. The employee writes the application for transfer to permanent work, shall be made a permanent contract, job responsibilities. All the documents are signed by both parties and the entry in the work book. In this case no one loses anything. The employer does not pay compensation for unused leave for work part-time, the employee will not lose annual leave and benefits to the experience.