Advice 1: How to translate employee part-time

Translation of an employee at part-time - difficult and insufficient in law subject. So many related questions an unambiguous answer to give difficult. Much depends on the situation, but the most complicated - transfer workers from one position to another.
How to translate employee part-time
You will need
  • When transferring workers from one position to another:
  • - a statement of the employee;
  • - the transfer order;
  • When transferring from part-time to substantive work:
  • - employment history part-time with a record of dismissal from main job;
  • - the statement and the order on employment;
  • The translation job in part time:
  • - resignation and dismissal order;
  • - statement, the order of reception work and the employment agreement with reservations on working in combination.
More or less understand the situation when the work performed by part-time, becomes the main man. In this case, he must resign from previous work. And in the place where he previously worked part-time, issued an order about his job and the entry is made in the workbook in a General manner.There are also situations when a person quits a job, and in parallel wants to be a part-time basis. From the point of view of the law of impediments to that is no. He continues to work part-time. But if in his workbook there is a record about the part, and he decides to retire from that job, not sitting on a different sheet, give him the record of the dismissal will be nobody.
If part-time workers translates basic worker, to make it move transfer will not work. He needs to retire from the main work, then it should be taken (including for the same position) as the compatibilizer. This nuance stems from the fact that the conduct of the work book of an employee shall be entitled only to his main employer. And if the organization as such ceases to be, including staying with them in labor relations with part-time workers, its labor she owes close. Procedure of dismissal and the subsequent hiring part-time and the associated bureaucracy, in this case standard.
A special case is when workers are transferred to another position also part-time. The procedure of registration in the General standard, but in all documents is that work part-time. In the labor book entry is entered at the request of the worker of the main employer, which this requires the order of transfer.In turn, the labour must be reflected and the reception of its owner to work part-time in another company.However, in practice people often do not advertise on the main job additional job.

Advice 2: How to make moving worker

In connection with medical records and other reasons, the employer has the right to transfer the employee to another business unit. And it should be in the same location where the current job of the specialist, his / her employment function should not be significantly different from working in office.
How to make moving worker
You will need
  • - documents of the employee;
  • - documents of the enterprise;
  • - forms of the relevant documents;
  • - seal of the organization;
  • - The labour Code of the Russian Federation;
  • - handle.
Written consent of the employee to move to another place of work is not required, but must satisfy the condition that the rights and obligations prescribed in the employment contract with the employee, do not change. To implement travel specialist for another job, structural division of the company Director should issue the relevant order. The basis of compilation is a memo from the head of structural division in which the work of this specialist. The document is sent to the first face of the company for consideration which shall, in the case of consent to this resolution with date and signature.
If the idea of moving to another place of employment comes from the employee, he needs to write a letter asking for a transfer to another position, structural unit, while the labor function of the employee is not changing. Document specialist signs and puts the date of his writing. The Director also marks the resolution on the application with date and signature.
Make the order in the header which you enter full and short company name indicating its organizational-legal form. Give the document number and date of publication, write the name of the city where the organization is located. Enter the subject of the order, which in this case corresponds to the movement of workers. Write the reason of writing, the cause of the move the employee to another place of work, a structural unit. In the administrative parts enter the surname, name, patronymic of a person, his employee number, job title and job title, of the structural unit, where is it moving. Assure the order's seal and signed by a Director of the company. Familiarize the employee with a document under the painting.
Additional agreement to the labor contract issue not required, as the labor function of the employee have not changed. In the labor book of the employee records on the movement are to be applied. This is spelled out in article 72 of the Labor code.
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