You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - a copy of the order;
  • help.
If the employee is in addition to your organization is working part-time at another company and asked to make an entry about his work in the work book then you should obtain from him a written statement of any form. A record of the combination is entered it at the main place of work, as the work book can be handed out only after the dismissal of the employee. In all other cases, you have to keep them in the safe of the personnel Department.
Apart from the application will ask you to provide a copy of the order with the company, which employs the employee in their spare time and help. All documents must have a signature and official stamp of the organization.
To make an entry on the basis of complaints received, copies of orders and certificates, refer to section 3, paragraph 6 of the instruction on filling of work books.
Put in the workbook the next ordinal number. Make a record of dates of employment, name of organization, position. In column 3, make an entry, is adopted in combination. Enter the order number, the number and date of issue, the record produced on the basis of the received reference. All this is done in the external part, that is, when the employee works for another organization in their spare time.
If an employee works for your organization and is internal to the part-time worker, you must follow the orders of your leader on his appointment. Direct entry in the workbook is exactly the same as in external combination, but from documents from the employee will only need a statement, handwritten in any form.
If the employee leaves from an external moonlighting, he / she must bring a certified copy of the order and certificate. You make a record of the dismissal article, which is paid based on the submitted reference number and order of dismissal. Article about dismissal can be 80 on their own, or 288 at the initiative of the employer, if the place of workers took permanent employee.