Transfer from one employer to another (for section 5 of part one of article 77 of labour code of the employee's initiative or by agreement of the parties. In these cases, somewhat different procedure is resigning.
If the initiative comes from the employee, he writes a letter of resignation to the head of the former employment. This document must indicate the date of dismissal, the place of translation. In addition, we need to prove that the prospective employer agrees to the employee transfer. This can be a letter – request to transfer or visa of approval for the statement of the employee.Often, to simplify and accelerate the procedures for coordination between the two heads is two statements on the dismissal and appointment. Both have a visa and approval. For example, the application form says the head of the receiving party, and agrees to dismiss the head of the organization.
If the translation initiative comes from the employer, the translation is also carried out only with the written consent of the employee. Formally this can be expressed in the notice of transfer or a separate document.
If an entry is made in the notice, the employee must submit their consent to the transfer Agree to the transfer ... for the position of... with ...". The record is his own, and then put a signature and date.
In another case, a written statement to the head of the same text.
In other aspects the dismissal transfer to another employer has no difference from dismissal at own will. On the basis of signed statements personnel service company prepares the order for dismissal (form T-8), makes all necessary entries in a personal card (form T-2), the entry in the workbook.In day of dismissal the worker is obliged to familiarize with the order, to issue a work book to pay the full settlement. It includes pay for time worked, compensation for unused vacation. In the case of the use of vacation in advance, the overpaid amount is retained.
Resigned from previous employment, the employee shall be employed not later than one month. Denial of employment to the expiration of this period impossible. However, we must remember that the term does not extend even sickness of the worker. If omitted, the head has the right to take any decision. The calculation of the vacation year at the new place of work starts from the date of employment.