You will need
  • - nifedipine 10 mg;
  • - captopril 25 mg;
  • - metoprolol 50 mg.
Limit the use of attorney of salt 1/2 - 1 teaspoon per day. In the process of cooking, do not salt it, and add salt in a bowl with a ready-made dish, so it will be easier to control the quantity. Salt contains sodium, which once in the body retains fluid, causing an increase in pressure.
Eat more vegetables and fruits, lean meat and fish. Reduce the amount of butter, fatty meat, sausages, fried potatoes in your diet. Thus you reduce fats intake into the body, and they will not be deposited on the walls of the arteries. Fatty plaque on the walls of vessels reduces their elasticity, which leads to hypertension.
Exercise. Not necessarily Jogging or Cycling, it could even be just walking at a slow pace. Choose the type of physical activity that does not cause you shortness of breath and other discomfort. Exercise combined with diet will help you lose weight. Every 10 pounds of weight that you get rid, reduce systolic pressure by 10 mm. Even if you have normal weight, do physical exercise, they will improve the tone of the cardiovascular system.
Abstain from alcohol and nicotine. They reduce the ability of the vascular wall to relax that is objectively manifested by increased systolic blood pressureM.
Consult your doctor to ensure that he picked you the optimum combination of drugs that reduce blood pressure. Taking these drugs measure the pressure 2 times a day and storing the obtained data in a special diary. Also describe their subjective sensations. The diary will help the doctor to adjust the dose of drugs.
If you suddenly have risen sharply pressure, take one of the following drugs: nifedipine, captopril, metoprolol. Nifedipine (cordaflex, conifer, cordafen) 1 capsule (10 mg) take inside, squeezed small amounts of water. Captopril (capoten, tensiomin) ½ tablet (12.5 mg) under the tongue, the dose can be increased to 2 tablets. Metoprolol (egilok) ½ tablet (25 mg) under the tongue, the dose can also be increased to 2 tablets. If after 30-40 minutes the pressure has not decreased, then call the ambulance or seek medical attention.