You will need
  • green tea;
  • - tea karkade;
  • - lemon;
  • - hawthorn berries;
  • - Valerian;
  • - motherwort;
  • - flax seed;
  • sea or table salt;
  • - vinegar.
Drink tea, lowering the pressure. Normalize blood pressure green tea and Chai green tea, so brew any of these drinks and drink it hot. You can drink this tea throughout the day, adding a slice of lemon.
Prepare herbal. Pour boiling water over a few berries of hawthorn and wild rose, add one filter pack of Valerian, motherwort and flax seed – prepared drink should infuse for 20-30 minutes, then drink. This infusion is useful to drink in an emergency means to lower the pressure and prevent hypertension. Infusion of hawthorn can be used separately: pour hot water a handful of berries, boil for ten minutes, let steep a couple of hours, then take 3-4 SIPS before eating.
Use acupressure. Draw a line from the earlobe to the middle of the clavicle, go through it easy tangents movements with fingertips. Clean the line first with one hand, 10 movements up and down, then the other. Press the point located at the edge of the lobe, at a distance of 0.5 cm from the ear to the nose – much to massage it in for a minute.
Take a bath, lowering blood pressure. Pour water into the tub, the temperature of which is equal to the temperature of the body. Stir in sea or table salt (half a pack), add a few drops of lavender, lemon and pine oil (in the ratio 7:5:2), diluted in a small amount of yogurt. Take a bath before sleep.
Soothing bath with salt and tincture of Valerian help to relax and relieve tension in the blood vessels – the vial of the drug dissolve in warm salt water.
A warm bath with clay quickly lowers blood pressure: take three handfuls of clay in water, carefully RUB the mixture, add the crushed garlic (5 cloves) and bathe for half an hour. Wash hot water with soap and RUB the body hard with a towel.
Do saline compress. Fold towel in 3 layers, soak in salt water and apply the compress on the lumbar region. A gauze bandage soaked in salty water, apply on the neck and wrap around the head.
Make acetic gadgets. Soak small pieces of gauze in a 9% solution of vinegar, apply to both heels and hold for as long as the pressure goes down.