Call an ambulance

Without a doubt, call the ambulance doctor is the first thing that must be done with a sharp increase in blood pressure that occurred you have someone from family members, colleagues or passers-by. To understand that this is a hypertensive crisis, to help a number of signs that directly or indirectly indicated an emergency medical condition (as characterized by its physicians).

The symptoms of hypertensive crisis

The clinical picture of hypertensive crisis are extremely diverse, there is even a special classification, according to which there are 3 main types: neuro, swelling and convulsions. But the average person (not a physician) it is enough to know the key signs of hypertensive crisis. These include:

- headache (usually in the back of the head);
noise in the ears;
- shortness of breath;
- blurred vision: floaters before the eyes, fog, shroud, and grid;
- trembling of the hands or the entire body;
- redness of the face (a separate red or pink bright spots);
- heart palpitations;
- numbness of the lips, tongue, or face;
- slow reactions;
- wheezing when breathing;
- tingling all over my body;
- dry mouth, etc.

If a pressure surge has occurred not with you, and with the other person, it makes sense not only noticed changes in his behavior and appearance, but also to ask how he feels (of course, if he is able to answer).

First aid at elevated pressure

You should try to calm down and lie down (or calm and laid in the bed of a man whose sharply jumped up pressure, and you were close). If in the horizontal position, it's hard to breathe, you can take a reclining position or sitting. It is necessary to ensure free access of oxygen to unbutton the shirt, blouse, top two buttons or a zipper, to open the window, the window or door. It is desirable to eliminate external stimuli – noise, bright lights, strong smells.

Sometimes severe condition is removed mustard, placed on the neck and calf muscles, and a hot foot bath with mustard, providing the outflow of blood to the legs and causing thereby a relief. If pain is felt in the heart, you can take nitroglycerin under the tongue. Also allowed additional intake of medicines which reduce blood pressure. With great emotional suspense, often accompanying a hypertensive crisis (panic, fright, anxiety), it is necessary to take calming Valerian drops, or valokardin korvalola.

Special attention during the sharp rise in blood pressure require the elderly. If you overdo it and to quickly reduce the pressure, thereby causing lethargy, drowsiness, dizziness, weakness, can cause as the other extreme – insufficiency of brain blood supply. Thus, hundredfold increases the risk of stroke.

Don't forget every 15 minutes to measure blood pressure and record data. These records can be useful to the E. R. and doctor, because they will have the opportunity to follow the course of the attack, its dynamics and make the right conclusions and assignment assistance.