You will need
  • - twigs and stones;
  • a spacious cage;
  • - good lighting;
  • - manicure nail file and scissors (or a special veterinary kit);
  • - needle files;
  • - a cotton swab;
  • - alcohol;
  • hydrogen peroxide or veterinary powder.
Not immediately cropping beak at the parrot, if he was just starting to grow abnormally. The Horny outgrowth can grind and naturally. Regularly give your pet fresh raw twigs of different thicknesses, put on the bottom of the cage rocks. The bark will help him whittle down the beak; moving on a rough surface, the bird at the same time undermine their claws. Make sure the cage is not too small for a parrot of this type – the tightness interferes with the natural process of grinding of Horny tissue.
If Horny sediments in the way a parrot to eat properly, you will have to remove yourself. Ask your friend to hold the pet, as the sharp movements of a bird, you are risking to cause her injury. Do have very quickly and yet accurately, as the parrot will not have to endure a long captivity. The procedure of trimming of the beak can only do this in a well lit room!
Cut a sturdy one-piece build-up (if it is not foliated and does not crumble) sharpened scissors. It is advisable to purchase a special veterinary instruments, as they are more suited to this work. However, you can use well-sharpened scissors. Make sure that the blade is not rusty. Wipe them with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. Your task – to cut off the unnatural part of the beak immediately, but very small particles.
Take a nail file and gently scratch the peeling of the Horny excrescence. To handle much of the running of the beak of a large bird, you can use steel needle file, fine cut.
Don't forget that near the end of the beak (just a few millimeters!) from parrot is a blood vessel. Damage you in any case should not. This is especially important if your pet different dark bill – flask might not Shine.
Be sure to reassure the parrot after a stressful procedure and place it in familiar surroundings; give plenty of fresh drinking water and your favorite food. Experienced veterinarians are advised not to disturb the bird after cutting the beak at least during the day.