What if the beak of a parrot has greatly increased, and prevented him to drink or to eat? Better not try to cut regrown the tip yourself. In the beakof a parrot e is a lot of blood vessels, damaging which can cause serious damage to the health of birds. Contact your veterinarian, who competently and in a sterile environment will conduct the necessary procedure.
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To the beak of a parrot do not grow too much, be sure to hang in a cage of stone, on which a bird can sharpen. Pay attention to the food that you give to your pet. There should not be excess of minerals, which leads to the rapid growth of Horny tissue. In addition, the feed mixture must be sufficiently large grains, such as oats or sunflower seeds. The parrot will have to peel off these grains, and the tip of the beakand will be erased.
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If the growth of the beakand began after taking vitamins, it is better to cancel. So, they have too much calcium. It is possible to define more and droppings of birds. If it is almost white, so you give the parrot too much feed and vitamins containing this, in principle, useful mineral.
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If you do decide to trim the beak yourself, it should be done very carefully. Prepare sharp scissors. Gently pull the parrot out of the cage and keep in the left hand. Ask someone to help you and hold the head of a bird. Stand against the light. The tip of the beakand which is transparent, no blood vessels and it can be cut. Also, if you have healthy birds, you can compare the beak of the sick parrots with them. Then you will have an idea on what length you can cut off the horn cover.
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