Advice 1: How to determine a young parrot or not

The age of a parrot with an accuracy can only be determined when the bird is still quite small. After parrot marks a month, even experienced breeders can only approximately say when exactly he was born. However, in General, to distinguish the young from the old parrot, even to a layman.
How to determine a young parrot or not
Carefully make out the bird head. If a budgie black and white feathers are coming in waves, starting directly from the cere (skin area) of the beak, therefore, shedding was not yet, that is the bird no more than three months. If the forehead parrot clean without stripes, before you a male or a female.
Pay special attention to the cere parrot. Young specimens it is pale lilac or pale blue in colour with tints in white. With the age of the bird males acquire the bright blue color of the cere, while females are brown or pink. However, there are nuances: white budgies (albino) and Canary yellow (Luminoso) the cere remains pale purple throughout life.
Look a parrot in the eye. Have young birds, they are completely black, iris and pupil are indistinguishable in color. If the pupil is a black dot surrounded by an iris of white color, it means that individual is already an adult. An additional proof of the age of the parrot can serve as the feathers about the eye: young Chicks they have, the adult birds - not. However, due to the individual characteristics of feathers may be present and absent and independent of the age of reason.
Rate the General appearance of a parrot. The young not so bright plumage, the waves look blurry and start from the top. Length from head to tip of tail - less 17 to 18 inches, except may be from the nature of large specimens. The tail of a young budgerigar short, but not because feathers recently fell (about this you can check with the owner of the bird), but because has not increased.
Don't fall for common in the environment of unscrupulous sellers argument "the young bird is a flightless bird." If the parrot does not fly, it does not necessarily mean that he is still young and has not learned. It may be that the bird simply no strength to rise into the air due to old age or illness. By the way, to fly the parrots begin at the age of about 40 days, and by the time of sale (about six weeks) confidently cut through the air.
If a budgie has disappeared strips on the forehead, but his eyes remain wide and dark, he is considered young.

Advice 2: What do you mean new moon

The moon, or the month, as it is called in the vernacular, has always attracted people, attracted by its mystique, and her ability to change the size and shape gave mystical meaning. The different phases of the moon have a meaning in astrology, in magic, in religion and in science.
The new moon in the sky
As a nocturnal luminary, in fact, the Moon does not Shine, and this proved many centuries ago. What one sees in the sky at night is the reflection of the sun's rays from its surface. As soon as the Moon moves in space relative to the earth and the Sun, it changes its shape, from increasing to decreasing. Each of the three phases of visibility and illumination of the moon in astronomy and astrology calendar corresponds to the value of the lunar day. In mysticism and magic, these phases have their own names, they correspond to the allowed in one period or another, rituals and beliefs. Not paid attention to the lunar cycle and scholars from various fields, and they all interpreted it changes the perspective in which it is visible from Earth.

How to determine the "age" of the month

Almost everyone fascinated by the night sky, illuminated by the Moon, and he is watching with interest the changes in the shape of this moon, but not everyone knows how to determine what phase is currently the Moon and have no idea about what it means "new moon".

Interpretations of this expression relative to the moon you can find a lot. But, in essence, it means that the night light is just beginning to emerge from the shadow of the Earth, and the Sun's rays are available, only a small part of its surface. In this period of Earth it is possible to observe a thin semicircular strip with sharp edges facing to the left, in the form of a semicircle of the letter R.

In the religious concept of the new moon symbolizes the beginning of a new period. The phase of new moon, according to Church canons, the most successful of baptism, marriage, vows as a monk and take vows.

In various astrological calendars the new moon promotes growth and development, and in this period it is best to change something in your life, for example, place of work or residence. Even cosmetic procedures performed in the growing phase of the moon, will bring the greatest benefit and plant seeds embedded in the soil, will give a lot of seedlings, which will bring a great harvest.

In magic during the birth month, and its growth carried out various rituals, read the young moon charms to spell and improving the financial situation, perform other magical acts.

Other meanings of the expression "new moon"

Great popularity rising Moon is not only among astrologers, fans of black or white magic and Ministers of religion, but also lyric poets. You can find plenty of examples among the works of the classics, where love was always comparing himself or the object of his passion with a young month, or where the suffering from unrequited love, shared their grief with the nascent Moon.

In common this epithet was awarded favorite children, young talents, which were great expectations, so-called extraordinarily beautiful boys and girls.

Advice 3: Why a parrot plucks feathers?

The owners can see how a parrot plucks his feathers. It so happens that the loss will amount to several feathers, and sometimes the feathers are removed everything. I am sorry to see your pet in such a situation! How to help the bird?
Pochemu popugaj vyshhipyvaet per'I

The reasons for pulling the feathers themselves may be several. This may be due to the mentality of a parrot, with the living conditions and feeding, with the emergence of diseases such as fungus, or the emergence of parasites.

Possible causes

  • Improper feeding of a pet is the most common cause of loss of feathers. Parrot need to feed the food that suits him. In the special feed contains more useful vitamins and minerals. Do not attempt to feed him with sausage or meat, it is bad for his health.
  • It happens that the parrot infected with parasites. This can be pogoed, peroid, the itch mite. Livelihoods parasite irritate the bird, and she plucks her feathers out. So the parrot was able to help myself, supporting the hygiene in the cage is placed a container of sand. You can also help the bird using wormwood or chamomile pharmacy. Dry these drugs are rubbed into the pen cover. The cage should be treated with turpentine, then treated with boiling water and dried. To avoid infestation, the cell sprinkle the powder of dried chamomile, sage. Will also help Shia leaves of birch and cherry.
  • If the parrot treat fatty ointments, feathers, remains of medicines in the form of plaque, which parrot can't get rid of. For this reason, he plucks the feathers entirely. If not to get rid of oily plaque on time, the pulling of feathers can be a parrot in the habit.
  • The reason for willfully parting with feathers can be stressful. For example, the loss of a partner. Parrots are very sociable birds and the fact of separation drives them into depression. Parrots must be busy with something in the cell. They love to sort out small items. Let him have a diverse Arsenal of stuff. It can be beads, jewelry, pins, caps, everything that interested him.


Advice 4: How to determine the age of tortoises

Many modern people choose as Pets are not cats or fluffy faithful dogs and not even the colourful parrots, but most of these tortoises. With proper and careful care of these extraordinary reptiles can live at home under 50. Most often, land turtles fall into the caring hands of their owners as adults. Therefore, not every owner of a reptile can say with certainty how old it pet. In fact, to determine the age of a land turtle is not so difficult.
How to determine the age of tortoises
To find out the age of a turtle from its weight and size. Usually born turtles growth of 30-34 mm and a weight of 10-12 g. the year of living tortoises grow to 48-52 mm, and weight them by this time ranges from 25 to 35 In two years, the reptile reaches a size 56-60 mm and weighs around 48-65, a three-year Growth of tortoises 75-90 mm, weight 95, stops 150 G. ten years of life the turtle grows right up to 13-16 cm Despite the fact that the young tortoises grow quite quickly, when the length of the carapace is 18 cm, their growth is much slower and often stops altogether. Although in nature there are species that reach 25-28 cm in length. By the way, adult females usually larger than males by 2-3cm.
Owners of tortoises must also be aware that their Pets depend directly on the conditions of detention, the spaciousness of the cage, diet, frequency of feeding and adding to the feed of calcium.
To determine the age of tortoises and in the number of rings on its shell. They usually appear already at the early age of reptiles, when she isn't. During this period, and is the most active growth of the tortoises. For the year on the same scale shell formed by 2-3 rings. Thus, the older the tortoise the more smooth it becomes a shell. Annual rings at the same fade and become less bright.
To determine the age of the land turtles, more precisely, it is possible to count annual rings on several scales of the carapace, and then find their mean value.
But this method of determining the age of tortoises can't be considered 100% correct. Because the number of rings on the scales of the carapace, amazing reptiles also depends on the conditions of detention and the number of its spaces, and forage quality.
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