Carefully make out the bird head. If a budgie black and white feathers are coming in waves, starting directly from the cere (skin area) of the beak, therefore, shedding was not yet, that is the bird no more than three months. If the forehead parrot clean without stripes, before you a male or a female.
как определить попугай корелла умир?
Pay special attention to the cere parrot. Young specimens it is pale lilac or pale blue in colour with tints in white. With the age of the bird males acquire the bright blue color of the cere, while females are brown or pink. However, there are nuances: white budgies (albino) and Canary yellow (Luminoso) the cere remains pale purple throughout life.
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Look a parrot in the eye. Have young birds, they are completely black, iris and pupil are indistinguishable in color. If the pupil is a black dot surrounded by an iris of white color, it means that individual is already an adult. An additional proof of the age of the parrot can serve as the feathers about the eye: young Chicks they have, the adult birds - not. However, due to the individual characteristics of feathers may be present and absent and independent of the age of reason.
Как определить возраст волнистого попугайчика
Rate the General appearance of a parrot. The young not so bright plumage, the waves look blurry and start from the top. Length from head to tip of tail - less 17 to 18 inches, except may be from the nature of large specimens. The tail of a young budgerigar short, but not because feathers recently fell (about this you can check with the owner of the bird), but because has not increased.
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Don't fall for common in the environment of unscrupulous sellers argument "the young bird is a flightless bird." If the parrot does not fly, it does not necessarily mean that he is still young and has not learned. It may be that the bird simply no strength to rise into the air due to old age or illness. By the way, to fly the parrots begin at the age of about 40 days, and by the time of sale (about six weeks) confidently cut through the air.
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