The easiest way to determine the age of the parrots natural gray color. In order to do this, note the bill and feet of cockatiels. In young birds the beak is smooth, without rough spots and other visible flaws. The cere the young birds with a pinkish tinge. If you look at the feet of a young cockatiels, you will see that they are also pinkish, with a delicate smooth scales and small claws. In adult birds the bill and feet are much darker. If you buy a parrot the shop where the cage sat a few Corell, the difference will be clearly visible.
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Pay attention to the eyes tel. Young parrots they are almost black in color, but as they grow older parrot they become lighter, eventually becoming light brown.
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To distinguish young from adult by crest. Beautiful, gracefully curved crest – one of the distinguishing features of this species. But it is only in adult cockatiels. Young birds have the feathers straight, and not so much. If you look closely, you can see between the feathers of the tubes are new feathers that have not yet had time to grow. However, keep in mind that under the guise of a young parrot an unscrupulous dealer may sell you a bird that has the habit of plucking feathers. In addition to the tuft pay attention to other symptoms.
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Observe the behavior of parrots, especially if one cell contains multiple individuals. Young Corell issued an insecure and somewhat clumsy movements, while adult birds have excellent coordination.
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If you get a mutation I liked the color, its age can be set for the cere and legs. Paws and parrot's beak should be smooth, without chipping and peeling off, and the cere is clean and not wrinkled. Their permanent color mutation cockatiels only get to two years, i.e. after they pass two of molting.
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