Please note that the exact age of the budgies after the first molt, which usually occurs in 3 or 3.5 months, impossible to determine. So about the bird, which is already more than a year, can only say she is young or old.
определение возраста и пола у кореллы попугаев
If the parrot eyes are black and big, wavy and the color of the feathers of "exchange" and starts right from the cere, so it's still technically a baby. In addition, these young birds are not formed mask, which is usually white, yellow or yellowish. It appears about six months, while the waviness of the color originates right from the top of the mask. Adult males you will discover and the mask, clear and wavy patterns, and formed the pupil of the eye edged bright ring. Old parrots are often missing feathers around the eyes.
как определить пол и возраст волнистого попугая
If you need to understand the age of Luminoso or albino, keep in mind that the iris of their eyes are dark red or even in adulthood. The cere in males from a very early age altricial remains pinkish-nameyearsa new. In females it changes color that allows much more accurately determine the age of the birds.
как определить возраст волнистого попугайчика
If females the cere is blue with a white bezel around the nostrils, the bird is very young. As they get older the cere is lightened, becoming a pale blue or even white. At puberty indicates her pink and white or brown color.
как разлечить пол у волнистых попугаев
Look at the cere of the male. If it is a plain, pale-nameyearslike pink, you - a young parrot. As they grow, the area above the beak changes colour and turns bright blue.
различить волнистых попугаев
Note the beak. Chicks up to one and a half to two months, the beak is black, then he brightens. In rare cases, especially with bright colors, this happens before: in 20-30 days. In adult birds the bill is pale yellow or greenish color.
To ensure that you have a young bird, look at the tail. Young specimens it is short, but grows quickly and reaches maximum length at around two months after birth.