Inspect the beak of the animal, and identify whether the trimming. Attention! To trim the beak only in the case when it is much increased in size, prevents the bird to eat, to talk (depending on breed) or simply spoils the appearance of the pet.
как обрезать клюв волнистому попугаю
Prepare cosmetic (nail) scissors small size with rounded tips and a regular nail file. You can also buy special scissors-tweezers for trimming nails of a parrot and a nail file in a pet shop. You should know that for trimming the beak of a parrot large breed accessories such as manicure set will not work, here it is better to use special tweezers for trimming the beak of birds.
как приучить попугая к рукам
Turn on good lighting. This will be needed to make the regrown part of the beak was clearly visible, and you couldn't hurt when obstriganie blood vessels.
сколько лет попугаю
Take the bird in hand and cuddle her. Fix the head, you can anyone help, because alone is difficult, and the devices can injure the bird.
как обрезать когти попугаю
Trim the beak, making small slices diagonally in several stages (4-5). Prostituate cropped the bird's beak with a nail file. Ready.
Be careful while organizing such kind of events, because any awkward movement can harm the health of your pet. Do all procedures only in good light and only in that case when to ask for help to the vet is not possible.