Wash your hands with soap and water.
Carefully pomojte of the child and dry the skin in the genital area. If you do not wash away the baby, the urine test may be inaccurate, because it will determine impurities, epithelial cells, leukocytes. Dry the skin of the perineum is necessary to securely glue the bag to the skin.
Take the bag and remove it from the packaging. Loosen the adhesive surface of the protective film.
Put the baby on your back and spread your legs. Turn the bag so that the lower part of the adhesive surface was converted to the anus. The lower part is not surrounded by a ring and has a small notch for the anus. With proper orientation of the bagand the stool will not fall into it in that case, if the child will poop during the collection of urine.
If you have a boy, in the hole of the bagand put the penis with scrotum. If you omit the scrotum is not possible, then only the penis. Press the adhesive surface to the root of the penis and the skin of the perineum. Plastic tank upwards.
If you have a girl, first stick the bag between the anus and the labia majora, and then to the skin of the perineum, grasping labia. Reservoir place between the legs.
When gluing the bag to the skin do not press hard on the adhesive surface. This will cause a too strong adhesion, and the peeling device, the child will experience pain.
After gluing the bagand put it on the child diaper or panties.
Try not to put the child, and to keep on hand before he pee. Horizontal portion of urine after urination may result from a reservoir. This is because the topography of the perineum does not allow the seal to glue the bag.
After the baby pee, gently peel off the bag and drain urine from the reservoir into the container for delivery of the analysis in the lab.