Buying at the pharmacy , the bag, take 2-3 pieces: its application requires some skill, and the first time to collect the urine might not happen.
According to the instructions on the package, the bag should be worn on a child's overnight diaper, but this should not be done, because several portions of urine that is allocated during this time may distort the result of the analysis.
Urine is usually collected in the morning, but if the adult this process takes a few minutes, then the child may require more hours. Going to the clinic, stand 1-1. 5 hours earlier than usual to conduct all manipulations in a relaxed atmosphere.
Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, and then podmosti baby. Well dry his skin in the genital area by blotting the moisture with a soft cloth or towel. Put the baby on your back, spread your legs and ensure that the perineum dry.
Open the package and deploy the bag, remove the protective film from the adhesive surface.
Boys and girls , the bagand worn in different ways. In the first case, lower the penis and scrotum of the baby in the hole of the bagand firmly press the adhesive part to the skin of the perineum and around the genitals. The direction of the tank does not matter.
For girls stick the bag tank down, starting from the point between her labia and the anus and moving up towards the pubic area.
Sticky plate must be glued firmly, fully capturing the area of allocation of urine, but with the expectation that when removing the bagand not to damage the delicate baby's skin.
Wearing the bag, wait until the child urinate. Don't put him in a disposable diaper and leave it lying down: the baby will pull the legs, the surface of the adhesive will be displaced and the urine will remain in the diaper. Better wrap it in a diaper or a blanket if the house is cold, and diarrhea on his hands, as if to breastfeed or drink water, the process will go faster.
When the material for analysis will be assembled, again podmosti child, dry skin, apply the cream and put on the diaper.