Toys for children up to three months should meet some requirements. They must be light and quiet, the most simple forms. Welcome bright colors, but should avoid their abundance. In the first year of life the child enough toys four colors: blue, red, yellow, green. Two months the child already perceives them that can be identified by its revival, the movement of legs and arms at the sight of the colourful toys. But it is not necessary at this age to buy baby soft toys: they accumulate dust and small parts can detach and be swallowed.

The toys to stimulate vision and hearing

Toys for viewing you can hang over the baby's crib already in the first month of his life.

Baby can focus visual attention on big and bright objects from the age of 3-5 weeks. During this period, his first toys can become the big solid balls or rings of bright colors. The child is not in need of toys with many parts. They hung above the crib, periodically changing colors. The toy hanging over the baby's chest. To develop strabismus, the distance from the little one's eyes to the subject under consideration must be at least 50 cm Diameter toys should be in the range of 6 to 10 cm does Not need to hang more than one item. Frequent changes of toys and an abundance of colors would interfere with the baby to focus. All should be in moderation.

To develop hearing and the ability to set the direction of the sound, the child needs to be rattles. With the same purpose to acquire musical carousel. It is important to ensure that it emits a soft and not too loud noises. Music should be quiet, not overloaded with keys. When the kid put to sleep, the carousel is removed from the crib: nothing should interfere with you to sleep. If the child sleeps in the stroller in the fresh air, her toys to hang is not worth it.

Toys to develop coordination of movements

Coordination develops in children aged three months to six months. Kids try to pick up and hold a rattle. At this time you need to purchase the appropriate toys. The rattle should not be heavy. The kid should easily hold her. In addition, the easier it is toy, so it is less traumatic. You should not choose a very noisy rattle: baby can be frightened of sharp sounds.

Toys for grasping, hung on special racks. With the development of their child's height changes. Three-month baby studying toys to touch and tries to grab them. Figures should be placed at arm's length, to be comfortable to hold and have different shapes. For the development of tactile sensations need to offer child toys of different materials.