Most manufacturers of children's cosmetics released creams diaper, so it's easy to get confused when choosing the right. To purchase the right cream, focuses not on the brand and composition.
Give preference to a creamunder a diaper, containing vitamins a, D, E and plant extracts: chamomile, calendula, succession, olive leaf, etc. They soothe the skin and nourish it.
The composition of the creams often include zinc oxide, but some mothers treat it with caution because it dries the skin. In fact, such creams – great helpers in the fight against diaper rash, the redness and irritation on the baby's bottom.
Pay attention to the cream, which includes panthenol. A baby's skin is fragile and thin, so the effect of children's feces can cause papules and erosions in the diaper area. Panthenol will help to cope with these problems and prevent them in the future.
The question of how to correctly apply cream under the diaper, mothers hold different points of view. Some treated them all the skin under the diaper, others are thoroughly smeared folds, others prefer to put a minimal amount on most susceptible to diaper rash. Consider characteristics of the cream: if it includes talc and zinc oxide, it will slide into the folds and cause the baby discomfort.
Use basic rules of care for the area under the diaper.- Apply the cream only on clean and dry skin: podmosti child under running water and blot the moisture with a soft towel, in extreme cases, use a damp cloth; give the baby's skin "breathe" for some, massage your legs;- apply the cream under the diaper in the area around the anus with light strokes and let it absorb;- if cream under the diaper does not contain drying components, treat them the inguinal and knee folds, otherwise use a children's cream or oil - until the cream is absorbed again, do the baby a light massage of the legs.