To start, determine what type of lock is on your bag. There may be two: fixed or hinged. Depending on the type differs, and setup code and opening the lock.
Remember that the factory default settings on all suitcases are the same and corresponds to the code number "000". Try to open the suitcase for the first time with this code. To do this, scroll through the code wheels until the moment when each of them will show "0". After that, the lock will be removed and you will be able to open the suitcase. Further, to change the code on the suitcase, proceed according to the following instructions, depending on the lock type.
So, if you have fixed the lock, opened the suitcase, find the lock button (usually it is located on the side wall and looks like a small indentation or the lever). Then a sharp object, press on the lock button, or if it is a lever, move it from position A into position B (right and up). Hold the button or lever. At the same time enter new figures code combination by turning the composing disks. Then, remembering the code, release the button and close the suitcase.
If you have a padlock, you can open it as follows. Pull metal arc and loosen it, depending on the manufacturer, 90 or 180 degrees. The lock will open. Now, to set your own code, slightly push the metal arc inside and hold it in this position. Turn the patterned disks to install the necessary combinations. Release the arc, returning it to its original position.
If you forgot the code on the suitcase to open it will be quite difficult. Try to start to sort out all the possible combinations that you could set as a code. Or start slowly turn the dial disks and listen to the sounds: when you hear a click, stop the drive. Do the same with all the wheels and try to open the lock. If no options are not working, bring the suitcase into the workshop.