You will need
  • Phillips screwdriver.
In that situation, when you need to circumvent a passwordthat is installed entirely on your whole computer, can not do without technical intervention. Turn off the computer and remove the left wall of the system unit.
Review the structure of the motherboard and locate the small battery in the form of a washer. Remove it from the slot. Screwdriver to short the contacts to which it was adjacent.
Install the battery in place. Turn on the computer. As you can see, the window with the password entry does not appear. Removing the battery and closing the contacts, did you use a factory BIOS settings.
A little more difficult to access the operating system, you need to enter a password to log in. Press the Reset button to restart the computer. When the window appears, containing a list of possible boot options, press F8.
From the list that appears select "Windows Safe mode" and press Enter. In the next menu, select any item (with or without USB support). Wait for the download safe mode.
The screen displays a window with the list of existing users. Select the account "Administrator", which is not visible when the computer is booted in regular mode.
Open the start menu and navigate to control panel. Select "user Accounts". Go to "Manage another account".
You have two ways to proceed. First, go to "create an account". Enter the new user name and password. Select the account category of "Administrators".
Second, select one of your existing accounts and select "Change password". Enter a new password for this user.
Restart the computer and select the start Windows normally". Log in to the operating system using a new or modified account.