You will need
  • A BIOS password is one of the most popular ways to protect your computer from other unauthorized interventions. To carry the BIOS you will need a thin screwdriver.
Turn off your computer and open your PC with a screwdriver.
Carefully inspect the motherboard. Locate the battery that provides power to the CMOS, which allows it to store information and the place where the BIOS settings. Most often, it is a simple standard battery CR2032.
Pull out the battery and let the computer stand unassembled 5-10 minutes.
Then return the battery to its place and turn on the computer. The BIOS will have default settings, but the password will not.
To continue booting, and in that case, if you accept the default settings - press F1 in the BIOS menu, click on the button "Save and exit". After this operation your computer is fully loaded.
Or, you can set your settings and then click on the "Save and exit".
You got access to your computer.