You will need
  • The BIOS is one of the most popular passwords, which is designed to protect your computer from unauthorized interventions. In order to remove it you may need a thin common screwdriver.
"Territorial" is the BIOS settings located in the CMOS. To clear the CMOS memory you need to physically turn off computer and put jumper that will short the jumper.
Then turn on your computer. You will see that the download will not, but the settings in the CMOS will be reset.
Then remove the jumper and again turn on your computer. Your monitor will prompt you to press F1. This is necessary in order to make the installation of the BIOS settings.
If the default installation you are quite suitable - press F1 in the BIOS menu, click "Save and exit". After this action your computer is fully loaded. If you want to set your settings, do it, and after this setting click "Save and exit".