Advice 1: How to prepare for the exam independently

Unified State Examination is not only the final certification of students, but also the "entrance ticket" in various vocational educational institutions. The teacher during the lesson can give only basic knowledge. The reason is the limited hours devoted to a particular subject. So for a full preparation for the exam requires not only additional classes with a teacher and independent work of the student. Without this it is impossible to obtain high scores.
How to prepare for the exam independently
You will need
  • - blank notebook
  • books with Kimami
  • - books on the subject
Organize your daily routine so that you always know what time you will begin preparing for the exam. Don't be lazy, and in any case, do not wait for tomorrow. If you pass the exam you need. The number of points possible will determine your future path in life, your destiny.
In a separate notebook, record rule, formula, theorem, which will be useful in preparing for the exam. Each subject should have its own notebook.
Do write carefully, for clarity and convenience, you can use colored markers or submit material in the form of a table. This will be your crib, but only for self-study. First, they will help you organize all the important information on the subject. Second, your preparation and active participation will make the motor and visual memory.
To know material on the subject, you should understand the study, to be able to establish a causal connection, not simply to memorize the text or formulas without thinking.
Purchase books with control and measuring materials (Kimami). Usually the teacher does encourages the students more and buy the book.
Carefully read the Preface. It says about the organizational aspects of the examination, indicate the number of jobs in each level of the exam, how many points is for the correct execution of each of them can also indicate how the theoretical knowledge you must possess.
Perform tasks presented in this book. In it are included example for the exam and also the exam of the previous years. This will help you to tune in to the exam and navigate what plan can be set.
If the solution of difficulties arise, on the margins of the book may be noted, to return to the job later, after a repetition of the theory, or ask the teacher.
Consult with the teacher, show him my records, so it may be time to adjust your individual work, if you make mistakes.
Alternate preparation for the exam with walks, rest. Be sure to get enough sleep. Allocate time for exercise so that the last night before the exam was dedicated to training.
Review each lesson at school. Learning new material is always based on already known. If you don't have gaps in the knowledge of a particular topic, you will easily learn the following.
No cheat sheets on the exam is not allowed. You can drive out from the audience, if you notice that write.
Useful advice
Before the exam tune in for a good result, do not be nervous.

If you can't perform a task, move on to the next, come back to this later.

Advice 2 : How to prepare for math exam

Unified State Exam in mathematics is required for applicants in the technical and humanitarian universities of Russia. It is clear that his role at admission was critical. So how do you prepare for the exam in math and take it in for a maximum score?
The math exam is the most important exam in school
You will need
  • Collection of tasks of the exam, Handbook of elementary mathematics
The most important thing in preparation for the Unified State Exam in mathematics is to determine the structure of the exam. Simply put, you need to understand what knowledge you need. To do this you have to see the most important document - specifier exam in mathematics, which clearly painted, what topics of school course correspond to the tasks of the KIMS (control and measuring materials).
The exam for mathematics consists of two parts. The first part requires the student knowledge of basic formulas of mathematics and the ability to solve simple typical problems. For the writing you need to learn basic formulas of trigonometry (basic trigonometric identity, the definition of sine and cosine, formulas cast), to be able to solve quadratic equations and logarithmic inequalities. To successfully address this part you need to solve many simple problems from the book.
The solution part will require you to write not only the answer, as in part b, but also a detailed record of the solution. If you want to get the maximum points out of this creative section of the exam, then you should follow the following algorithm. First, select a task from the section of mathematics that is closest to you. This may be the solution to inequalities or geometry. Next you need to write the basic formulas for the task with detailed comments. For geometric tasks also need to complete the picture. For the correct figures, and schemes, the Commission gives extra points. Therefore, when preparing for the exam you have to choose the partitions of tasks are going to solve.
Of particular importance in the exam plays problem solving. You need to learn to clearly understand the condition of the problem (finding the digital options) and the desired result. A lot of tasks from the exam relate to percent. You should learn to find the percent of numbers and to translate the decimal into a percentage. This will help you to pass exam in mathematics.
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